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Interview Ella Johnson - June 2016

Date posted: 
Friday, 3 June, 2016

1. Which charity did you raise money for and why?

I'm currently a Miss England quarter finalist, so I jumped to raise money for the organisations charity, called 'beauty with a purpose' which contributes to many national and international humanitarian projects.

So far I'm just shy of £500!

2. What got you involved in the Miss England competition and are there any prejudicious towards such competitions?

I was approached at a fashion event in Birmingham back in December. After going home and doing my own research, I saw what the amazing work the organisation does for charity and was inspired to get involved.

There are certain assumptions around the pageant industry, along the lines that people involved are superficial and I’ve always had people judge me for my blonde hair and interest in make-up and fashion, it’s only human nature to do so. I felt doing this was able to show people you can have an interest in certain things but that doesn’t necessarily mean you fit a certain profile.

I am hoping to study philosophy at Durham University in the upcoming academic year, I want to show young people that passion for education is nothing to be ashamed of and is an amazing thing to have aspirations in.

I have also met so many amazing, talented and academic people through this process, which may surprise people.

3. Do you think skydiving goes any way towards dispelling any of these prejudices?

Many people were shocked I was throwing myself out of a plane at 15,000ft. I think this is partly because it’s slightly daunting activity, but also because I’m quite a young female, when most would assume it’s a male orientated sport.

I feel as though skydiving showed people that pageant people aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and neither are women in general.

4. What was your experience of skydiving like? Which bit was your favourite and which bit was the scariest?

It’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever done and would 100% recommend it, especially at Skydive Hibaldstowe. The best part was definitely freefall where you get to appreciate just how immense the sport it, and the view of course! The only point I felt slightly taken aback by was the first moment you jump out of the plane, and your stomach jumps up into your throat.

5. Do you have any advice for anyone else thinking of doing it?

Don’t get nervous or scared at all! I was so excited to get up and jump that I was able to really enjoy and appreciate the experience. You are looked after exceptionally well by all staff so there is no need to waste time worrying about anything.

6. Would you do it again?

Any and every day of the week! Special thank you to my instructor Luu, who was incredible! 



Photos of Ella Johnson

Tandem jumpsuited ready to go

Ella Johnson modelling

Ella bw 2

Miss England finalist sky diving