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We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...
Ever wondered how the dropzone is kept safe, how we run things. Check our tower video out! The...
A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...

Site Map

Tandem Fitness Form 115 - For all persons aged 40 or over who are doing a Tandem parachute jump. This tandem medical form will need to be presented to your Doctor for signature. If you need advice, please call the centre on 0113 250 5600.

Solo Fitness Form 114a  - For all AFF or Static Line jumpers aged 40 or over to be presented to a doctor for signature.

Experienced Fitness form - A medical document for qualified skydivers to be signed once they reach the age of 40 or over by their GP.


Overview of all our courses AFF, Tandem and Static-line.

Tandem Parachuting - Freefall sky diving from up to 15,000ft with only 20 minutes instruction.

Accelerated Freefall - Learn to skydive from up to 15,000ft with a full day course. Open your own parachute.

Accelerated Freefall Resiential One week course - The same as the AFF course above, but more intensive.

Accelerated Freefall in Spain - Learn to skydive near Seville in southern Spain.

Static Line Parachuting - Jump from 4,000ft on your first jump course. Land your own parachute.

Support and Help
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ, learn what it feels like to freefall, how safe the sport is, what to do after you have qualified, how to find the centre, etc.

Why jump at Skydive Hibaldstow - Learn about our facilities, instructors, the British Parachute Association and who we are.

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Book Online - You can now book your parachuting courses with Skydive Hibaldstow online. 

Request a Brochure & DVD - Find out more about our skydiving courses. You can even view movies of our previous customers.

Sign our Guestbook - Read the comments and views of other skydivers who have jumped with Skydive Hibaldstow. Write your own reviews.

Charities - Your skydive can pay for itself with a tandem charity parachute jump. Learn more about fund raising and free skydiving.

Skydiving News - Experienced Skydiver News about competitions, weekends, coaching and events.

The Gallery - High quality photos of Tandem, AFF and SL courses in addition to experienced skydivers. From here pick a sub-categories to find the desired sky diving gallery.

Experienced - Facilities, the dropzone, cafe, bar, jump ticket prices, experienced courses, team training, load organising, experienced courses, rigging facilities, weather, news and events, the National championships.

Contact & Directions - Maps, written directions to the parachuting centre at Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire. Telephone numbers, email and Skype details.

Videos - Footage of previous customers enjoying their jumps. See exciting video of other qualified skydivers jumping over the airfield of Hibaldstow.

Shop - Purchase all your skydiving equipment here. We have dealerships with all the major manufacturers.

Interviews - Questions and answers from beginner and experienced skydivers.

Accommodation - Up to date accommodation list.

28-Way.htm - 28-Way annual sequential formation skydiving competition.

National Championships - National Championships. Formation skydiving, freefly, freestyle, skysurfing, VFS, canopy formation and speed skydiving.