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A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


The Canopy School Beginners Course

30 Apr - 01 May


The Beginners 1.1 course focuses on landing safely. You will learn to land accurately and softly. As well as the attention to the landing you will learn how to fly your parachute more safely understanding the flight controls more thoroughly and gaining the confidence to discover the range of your canopy. 

Included in this 2 day course will be 8 jumps and 7-8 hours of theory class.

£325 per person.

The History Of The Vulcan

26 Feb

An invite to a talk about the History of the Vulcan aircraft by Andy Marson. 

The guest talk begins at 7pm. The bar will be open at this time. 

Tickets are on sale now for £5 each

We are running a raffle this weekend with all support going to the Right Choice Academy 

Top prize is a tandem skydive here at Skydive Hibaldstow.

B-License and Packing Days

25 Feb - 26 Feb

Interested in learning to pack? Need any of the B license briefs? We're here to help!

The cost for both events is £50 (£25 for packing & £25 for B license progression day).

Places need to be booked/ paid for in advance by calling the dropzone on 01652 648837. 

The Christmas Party

05 Dec - 06 Dec

It's the end of the year party here at Hib and we want a good sending off. We will of course, given any opportunity, be skydiving, so this is the penultimate weekend you can get some currency jumps in so don't miss out and go uncurrent over winter - Coaching and Organising is ON.

A classy 3 course meal for classy people, in a classy venue. Classy!

The sit down affair is only £24.95.

The bar will be serving cocktails before the meal to top you up. 

ISSA World Series 2015 Finals

07 Aug - 09 Aug

The final meet of the ISSA Speed world series is to be held at Skydive Hibaldstow this August. Join us as we find the fastest skydivers in the world!

Arrival: Any time prior the meet

1st Competitors Meeting: 20:00, Friday 7th August 2015

Competition Starts: 08:00, Saturday 8th August 2015

Competition Ends: 16:00, Saturday 9th August 2015

Award Ceremony: App. 1 hour after end of competiton

The British Wingsuit Record

08 Aug - 09 Aug

This year sees another attempt to set a new World Record for the largest wingsuit formation. Not to be left out Skydive Hibaldstow will be hosting a British Record event to set the largest wingsuit formation flown in the UK.

Working to the FAI requirements for large wingsuit formations we will host a multi-plane weekend to aim to set the first and a benchmark British record.

The British Wingsuit Record Warm-Up

18 Jul - 19 Jul

In preparation for the British Record, come to Skydive Hibaldstow to practice from the record aircraft, hone your formation skills and earn a slot. This weekend will allow you to fly as part of larger formations in the build up to the big one!

BPA CF Roadshow

11 Apr - 12 Apr

This is your chance to try Canopy Formation in the safe hands of experienced coaches, including your current National team CFUK.


You need minimum B licence, and ideally at least 100 jumps.

The ability to exit an aircraft in a stable head up position and deploy (still stable!) between 3 and 5 seconds.

PD Lightning 7 cell canopies are supplied by us for a nominal charge (see costs), and if container size allows, packed into your container; otherwise we have a selection of containers you can use.

Leading Edge Canopy Course

06 Jun - 07 Jun

Leading Edge Canopy School comes to Hibaldstow!

Ever wanted to learn more about your flying your canopy? Here is your chance.

6+7th June - Basic/Intermediate 2 day Canopy Course 

Leading Edge