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We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...
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A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


Normal weekend news. News items placed here will only be displayed in the experienced news section.

Weekend 20-21st May

Date posted: 
22 May

A crazy weekend for the DZ with Fuzz rucking freefly and Stubert's formation loads. 

With great weather for a change it was time to crack some jumps out. 



Congratulations to Danny Heyward for his 300th - a sweet 3 point 22-way to close Sunday out.


Weekend 29-30th April

Date posted: 
01 May

This weekend was all about Head Down Formations for the Freefly crew here at old Hibaldstow.

Matty's far reach brought in some serious flyers to the group which was made up of some very experienced VFS gurus and also various people who were new to formation loads.


Needless to say they were all up to the challenge managing to build the planned formation on more than one occasion!

Who said that freeflyers don't like to hold hands??


Weekend 22nd-23rd April 2017

Date posted: 
24 Apr

We're waiting for the crazy times to begin and maybe... just maybe they are coming!

Shy of a little weather again, but the DZ is still woring hard to get people in the air. 

SaltyJacks and Bacchus, both local teams managed 16 and 12 jumps this weekend respectively, even with the poor weather. 

Matty's group hammered the skies with a mix of head up and tracking while stubert cruised a few FS1s and put walkup groups through their paces. 



Weekend 1-2nd April 2017

Date posted: 
03 Apr

A busy weekend again for the DZ with Stuberts BOOTie camp bringing in 20 jumpers to learn the very basics of FS in groups. 

The good news is that some of our jumpers are really starting to see things come alive, with great flying from everyone involved. Thanks to Jack Davies and Ryan May for their help, aling with camera flyers Joe Mann and Craig Hicks. 



Weekend 25-26th March

Date posted: 
27 Mar

Beautiful weather was forecast for this weekend and the weather gods did not disappoint everybody who descended upon Hibaldstow.

The Aircraft was running none stop, without shutdowns throughout the whole weekend, keeping everybody in the air.



Weekend 11-12th March 2017

Date posted: 
13 Mar

This weekend was the first Freefly event of the year with Matty holding a Head Up Skills Camp. Despite the poor weather there was a good turnout.


Luckily enough the Freefly massive were able to make jumps on each day of the weekend. There was lots of progression to be had for both the experienced Head Up flyers and also those new to Head Up Formations. 



Weekend 4-5th March 2017

Date posted: 
06 Mar

A very special weekend. 

With the return of Stubert from his baby break and the introduction of Matty Mitchell, the weekend, nay, the season promises to be a grand one. 

This weekend, walk up with Matty and BOOTie Camp with Stubert. 




Weekend 14 to 15th January 2017

Date posted: 
16 Jan

A dodgy forecast is like a dodgy curry. Quite often it's threatening to ruin your day, but rarely is it as bad as it looks...

A fine day's jumping again this weekend with a small but perfectly formed belly group.

Good times for all, but particularly Matt Taylor who did his 100th with us. 

Good show old chap.




Closing Weekend 2016

Date posted: 
13 Dec

And so it is time to cease the funnest of all things... Skydiving comes to an end at Hibaldstow this week. But not for long. 

Just before our breif repreive however, we did manage to score some super fun FS on the DZ. 



Congratulations to Sophie Harper for her 200th jump and Jordan Simcoe for his 600th this weekend. 


The Hibaldstow Christmas Party

Date posted: 
08 Dec

Often seen as the grand finale of the year, the Hibaldstow Christmas party is a fine opportunity to dress up, but let your hair down.

A great turn out during the day culminating in the last formation load of the year. 



This year the swish awards  came out in style.