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A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


Normal weekend news. News items placed here will only be displayed in the experienced news section.

Weekend 29th - 30th January 2011

Date posted: 
30 Jan

Staff emerged from the office Saturday morning wearing dapper new staff clothing. A new season had truly begun.

Saturday was cold. No doubt, but people were keen to jump so the aircraft began early and finished late - for some it was the first jumps since December, others not so, but there was a definte excitement on the DZ. Stubet organised several skydives, including a fin 8-way for Tim McGiven's 200th jump. Congratulations Tim! Other credit to Matt Lancaster who took his A-Licence and Ant Hill who celebrated his birthday on DZ.


Weekend 12th - 14th February 2011

Date posted: 
14 Feb

A cold and dank start to the weekend slowly opened out to a truy stunning day. Like the red sea parting, the clouds seperated and it was time to fire the flying machines up!

Skydiving twister


Weekend 19 - 20th February 2011

Date posted: 
20 Feb

Oh dear, after such a great weekend the DZ was sadly reminded that it was still only February - Nasty weather! As ever, the weekend was not left to waste - SonicNutz soldiered on, providing excellent ground coaching for those who still managed to get to the DZ. Team Blitz Pigs walked and creeped while the rains poured.

The evening winded in with the news that it was James Swallow's belated burthday celebrations. The bar opened and with it a suitably embarassing set of pictures of the birthday boy and free drinks for everybody.