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We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...
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A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


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Hibbleween '15

Date posted: 
01 Nov

Hibbleween Hibbleween!

Our annual hibblween meet passed this weekend like a ghost train in the night. With it the classic mix of FS competition, and nasty, nasty party the weekend always delivers.

Let's get the skydiving dealt with:




Weekend 10-11th October 2015

Date posted: 
12 Oct

A busy weekend at Hibaldstow for this time of year. You can tell, because after walking around the DZ, Simon Brentford said "It's busy isn't it!". 

While it looks like the latest heat wave is over, the weekend milked it for all it was worth. 

Paul Cooper returned for the last time this season to organise freefly here and what a gig it was. 



Foundry Intermediates 26-27th September

Date posted: 
29 Sep

Always a special event, Stubert's intermediates took shape this weekend with just 10 flyers working hard to cruise some top shapes. 


Inters works both the body and mind as we build shapes that are not only hard to fly but dificult to build - on purpose. Challenge it is.  The shapes are hard but often the transition to them is too.



Weekend 12th-13th September

Date posted: 
14 Sep

A fun weekend for the dropzone as we settle into the late season. As the evenings come in (7.30pm already!) it's time for the fun stuff. Walk up organising was the order of the day and with it, so good old fashined carnage!


Coaching alongside the event proved productive with Chris Scott and Andy Eady dropping in for some 1on1 and doing very well - We like to see lots of progress.


Nationals 2015 - Part Two

Date posted: 
04 Sep

With the British 4-way championships out of the way it's on to the mixed up weekend of the British 8-way, Freefly, Freestyle and Speed championships. 

A more liberal weekend compared to the last meaning the meets moved along at a great pace. 



Weekend 8th to 9th August

Date posted: 
10 Aug

One of the biggest weekend of the year has just passed, quietly, and with it, some amazing bigway FF, bigway FF, bigway WS and of course the ISSA Speed Meet. 

But let's look at the big news...

A fantastic finale, with lots of UK support. 

Many congratulations to Marco Wiederkehr for winning both the final meet and the overall win for the ISSA world series. 



Weekend 1st to 2nd August

Date posted: 
03 Aug

With the road to the Nationals well underway the DZ was on fire with teams training for the big weekend which is only a few weeks away. 

Singles, doubles, quads, all on the go with teams from all over the country smashing out the skydives in anticipation for the big weekend. 


It's not all about training though, with plenty of space for coaching and organising with Matty, Rich and Stubert.


Team Elite 2015

Date posted: 
14 Jul

A rare occasion where one of the USA's biggest names comes over to treat us Brits to a major weekend of Load Organised fun. 

Leading the team are Guy Wright, Gordon Hodgkinson, Dave Lewis and Dave West, bringing the best of Britain and Europe. 




The BCPA Nationals 2015

Date posted: 
29 Jun

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Nah, it's OK, it's just one of the biggest weeks of the summer! The BCPA arrived last Sunday for their national event and boy did they mean business. Over 80 Uni students (and friends) rocked the DZ for a week of skydiving, drinking and hot tubs. 




Weekend 30-31st May 2015

Date posted: 
02 Jun

A brief interlude from the "Winds from Hell" presented itself Saturday, and boy did we take advantage of it. 

First an FS1 form Marcus Budget. A sweet 10 point jump ending in the qualification that means fun times. 

Stubert's Group

Stubert's Intermediates smashed out 7 jumps with some great shapes coming out, mixing big moves and tricky shapes. Sadly the attempt at the fabled 10-way exit proved futile!