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Normal weekend news. News items placed here will only be displayed in the experienced news section.

X-Factor 2015

Date posted: 
18 May

One of our most prized meets this weekend and with the weather being blown out it was a welcome respite from the long day.

6 Acts this time chosen to sing in random order with the winners prize glory and some booze. 

Opening out was Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. 




Weekend 09-10 May 2015

Date posted: 
11 May

It's been a tough spring on the DZ with the weather trying really hard to spoil or fun, but we shant let it do that. 

After a rainy Saturday afternoon the weather opened up to give us a pleasant evening and a pretty decent Sunday. 

On the board this weekend was Dave Lewis organising FS and Mike McNulty organising Freefly. 



Weekend 3-5th April 2015

Date posted: 
06 Apr

Easter magic! Loads of fluffy clouds teasing us with their low altitude. But we will not give up!

And each day we were rewarded for our patience with stunning evenings of skydiving from 3pm till shutdown. 

A mixed weekend with FS and FF Coaching and also FS and FF organising and a busy AFF operation. 



Weekend 14-15th March 2015

Date posted: 
16 Mar

This weekend, the return of Introduction to Bigway with Dave West and with it a flux of new and old faces getting current or trying FS groups for the first time. 


With Dave West at the helm, seconded by Blyth Davies you know it's going to be a good event. Two groups for the weekend did a mix of skydives with the emphasis on building strong points and flying radials. 


Weekend 21-22nd February 2015

Date posted: 
23 Feb

What a great weekend on DZ. 

Opening with some great coaching and fun jumping on a busy Friday, and leading into Friday evening's absurdly cheap booze at Hibble Bar.

Saturday's event, FS1+ proved a huge success with two groups arriving to be taught the basics of Load Organising. 


Under the watchful eye of Blyth Davies and Stubert the groups produced some great skills in learning how to approach a group and dock on it. 


Weekend 14th - 15th February

Date posted: 
16 Feb

A weekend of low clouds and high hopes. 

This weekend, a little earlier than most teams, Team Emanon arrived on DZ to start their 8-Way training. Under the careful eye of Pooky, the team ran through the blocks and randoms in the seniors and thankfully got a chance to try some of them Sunday afternoon. 



Weekend 6th - 9th February

Date posted: 
09 Feb

A weekend as varied as any before - And an incredible vibe for February!

The weekend started with a stunning Friday and with it Rich Mell taking advantage of Max Navarro's expert coaching. 


Saturday fared a little less well with some cloud halting play, but the DZ did fire up early evening for some fun jumpers to hit the skies and show the 12-strong static line group from Lincoln and York University why they had begun. 


Weekend 17-18th January 2015

Date posted: 
19 Jan

Having been blown away last weekend with the shocking winds across the country, jumpers were keen to scratch a particular itch that cannot be scratched, other than leaving a Dornier at 15,000ft. 

Droves of jumpers arrived culminating in three  groups jumping as well as Guy Wilshaw looking to pass his FS1. 

After a great three way, Guy cruised his FS1 jump with a calm 12 points thanks to the Foundy team's excellent coaching. 



Christmas Party 2014

Date posted: 
08 Dec

One of our best weekend parties of the year is the Christmas Party weekend. It's a chance to do a little skydiving and have a few beers, celebrating the Christmas season. 


This year the game was upped an instead of a buffet type meal the DZ decided to run a formal meal with three courses on classic round tables. 


Weekend 22-23rd November 2014

Date posted: 
24 Nov

This weekend, the last of the York University students visited the centre to train for their first jumps. 

With a new set of CSBIs just passed by the centre, it was an opportunity for them to practice teaching real students. 

First the students were taught how to clean bedding.


Next they tried to see how long they could keep their hands off the ground.