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Welcome to Skydive Hibaldstow

UK Tandem parachutingIf you want to try skydiving in the UK, then we offer Tandem Skydiving, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Static Line parachuting courses from up to 15,000ft at our main parachute centre in Lincolnshire. You can also jump at a centre in Northamptonshire.

Our Experience

We operate our skydiving centre to the highest standards in safety under the regulations of the British Parachute Association. Our sky diving instructors have combined jump numbers in excess of 30,000 jumps and over 75 years experience. Amongst them we have British Parachute Association Advanced Instructors and Instructor Examiners who teach new skydiving and parachuting instructors all over the country. More reasons why you should jump with Target Skysports.

UK ParachutingGet Your Parachute Jump Videoed

You can hire a camera person to come with you on your sky dive. They will take video footage and still photographs to produce a well-edited DVD of your day. If you are looking for something a bit different to celebrate an event, then maybe skydiving is for you.

We also cater for corporate events, charity skydiving, sales events, stag and hen weekends, and activity breaks.

Become a coachFreefall Foundry

Are you interested in working in the skydiving industry as an instructor or cameraman? We now offer 200 jump courses which take you from 0 jumps to 200 in approximately 4 months. You will learn how to skydive, and how to work in the sport. Learn more about the Freefall Foundry.


Experienced Skydivers

28wayFormationSkydivingThe dropzone is also host to the British National Championships in Formation Skydiving for the last 15 years and we are the UK skydiving home to numerous World Class Skydiving teams. If you are looking for highest altitude skydive then Skydive Hibaldstow

We specialise in a speedy turn around, which results in less waiting time on the ground. The location of the skydive centre is on an old World War II airfield. Consequently, we have a large area to land and few hazards.

Special Offers and Events

Accelerated Freefall in Spain

Freefall Froundry

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