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Another busy year in the 8-way world with 7 teams in total competing for trophies.  In senior...
The AE and Speed National Championships came to Hibaldstow this weekend and with it some excellent...
And unfortunate sequence of pool camera busts for Fireflies put them behind from the start of the...


Normal weekend news. News items placed here will only be displayed in the experienced news section.

BCPA Nationals 2016 - Midweek

Date posted: 
06 Jul

Witht he hardcore arriving early, it was great to see so may jumpers keen to jump and with the best weather of the week early, the DZ took advantage of it. 

The belly gang rocked out. 





Sunday 26th June - Bigwayfest

Date posted: 
26 Jun

A bold weekd for Hibaldstow as we tried to put large groups through small gaps in the weather but, hey it's what we're known for. 

Coops ran his bigway Freefly weekend working up a lather and his group from 14-way to multiplane in only a few days.



Images by Ming Chu


FS1 For Wendy Pugh

Date posted: 
28 Jun

Congratulations to Wendy Pugh who scored her FS1. 

She's worked hard with her coach Jack Davies, working from A-Licence to groups in a few weeks. 



Saturday 25th June

Date posted: 
25 Jun

A few shots from Stu's group today. 






The June Tunnel Camp

Date posted: 
22 Jun

A very busy night for the Foundry crew at Airkix. 

All mixed up, from AFF coaching to 6-way carnage. 

A few bumps, a few bruises, but a reet good time!




Happy birthday to Ally and thanks for all the fun!


The Birds

Date posted: 
13 Jun

A blow-out weekend for weather at Hibaldstow, but still, some flyers turn up. One such group are the Birds.

Their full name is a bit heavy for press, but let's take a look at them anyway.

Dawn, Dean, Kane and Andy are a strange bunch. With exception to four letter names, they don't have much in common. They are from all over the country, different ages, lifestyle, and very different attitudes to skydiving. But get them together on a monthly basis... well they just seem to work.


Weekend 04-05th June 2016

Date posted: 
09 Jun

Another hottie!

Saturday was a slow start, but  when it broke the DZ wasa fury of energy and our fleet flew nonstop. Highlights this weekend include: 

John Andrew's 500 jump and 50th Birthday Party

A smart FS1 for Eric Valentanavics with Ant Hill. 

FF2 for Hannah Broughton. 

WS1 for Kane 'New Skool' Jackson

Sunday brought more good times, with a special focus on lower experience belly flyers as well as advanced freefly groups and wingsuit. 


Formation Review April-May 2016

Date posted: 
08 Jun

Check out our latest video video from the Formation Foundry. 

Some of the best and worst of the last few months. 

Foundry Review April-May 2016 from Wingglider on Vimeo.


Weekend 28-29th May

Date posted: 
01 Jun

The weather gods do seem to be smiling on us this year with another weekend of glorious sunny blues. 

No event this time round, just good old fashioned FS and FF walk up fun.

Stubert and Jakub on the gogo. A few shots. 





Weekend 21-22nd May

Date posted: 
23 May

A Stunning weekend for the DZ yet again, with Stubert's Intermediates and Paul Cooper's Freefly sequential, topped off with some Wingsuiting. 

With two full groups for the Intermediates, Stubert and Cobi's hands were full after losing Saturday to bad weather. But fear not, they did produce some great skydives, including an incredible bigway for the end of the weekend.