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A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


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Weekend 21-22nd May

Date posted: 
23 May

A Stunning weekend for the DZ yet again, with Stubert's Intermediates and Paul Cooper's Freefly sequential, topped off with some Wingsuiting. 

With two full groups for the Intermediates, Stubert and Cobi's hands were full after losing Saturday to bad weather. But fear not, they did produce some great skydives, including an incredible bigway for the end of the weekend.



Weekend 14-15th May

Date posted: 
16 May

Another busy weekend for Hibaldstow and with it, a big load of everything!

On the team scene, we saw 8-way team Brownian motion run their first training camp, alongside NFTO. Hib baby team Birds Can't Fly threw out some great shapes too. 

Glenn Wainwright fired up the freefly on the DZ with plenty of dead up flight, including some tube action. 



Weekend 7-8th May 2016

Date posted: 
10 May

Anutha humdinga!

What a stunning weekend at Skydive Hibaldstow. 

Starting with the early hours of Friday, a new coaches rating for Dan Gittin here at the DZ so lock your daughters up! Dan has worked hard to get on the coaching pool here at Hib and we look forward to him coaching. 

We also welcome Sophie Harper and Clare Rickerby to the FS1 team after two great 4-way skydives and Kane Jackson to the FF1 group. Great work guys... yet more good times on the way! 


Weekend 30th April - 1st May

Date posted: 
02 May

Bank holiday blues... blue skies that is. Another cracking weekend for the DZ with a huge turnout. 

Glenn Wainwright's first weekend on the DZ and he's flying with groups and firing out stickers for FF1 and 2. Not too shabby Glenn! We can't wait to see what happens in the summer. 

Stubert's First Time Formation Loads was briming with excitement as jumper tried multi-plane for the first time. After a couple of warmups the group went straight into the magic stuff. 


Weekend 23-24th April

Date posted: 
25 Apr

What an epic weekend. 

The forecast said no, but the skies said yes in the biggest way. 

With two planes this weekend, the DZ played host to not only QFX doing quads, but Stubert and Blyth's group, Liz Boniface, FS and FF coaching and a boat load of AFF. Pow!

It was rude not to use the two planes, so the gang put some bigway into the sky. Some tasty shapes, even with several first time bigway jumpers onboard. 



Weekend 09-10th April 2016

Date posted: 
12 Apr

Another hustling bustling weekend here at Skydive Hibaldstow. 

First off, the return of Dave West to the DZ for some fun FS with the gang. Dave's group is always fun, here's the evidence:


Elswhere the Fundry coaches worked hard with the rookie teams to get some points. Great work from Trojan Rabbits and the Birds.



Weekend 26-27th March 2016

Date posted: 
28 Mar

A washout bank holiday weekend. But let's not forget glorious Friday...

Jakub's first day as load organiser for freefly at Hib turned a great success. With groups all day mixed with 1on1 it's was all going down.

The wingsuiting was fired up, with the team giving WS1 to John Andrews and getting jumper into the sky in wings. 



Weekend 19-20th March 2016

Date posted: 
21 Mar

Busy on the streets!

With a silly number of fun jumpers on DZ this weekend, we're not so interested in Spring anymore - we don't need it!



Our leading FS, FF and Ws coaches were all hammered as the weather cleared on Sunday. It's really amazing to see so much community on the DZ as the season starts.


Weekend 05-06th March 2016

Date posted: 
08 Mar

A poor forecast. A great weekend. 

Millions turned down skydiving this weekend only to realise that the DZ was operating as usual!

As well as completing our full quotient of tandems, groups fun jumped, and even AFF jumped. It just goes to show - If you're not there you can't jump. 

The DZ is looking exceptionally busy the coming weeks so be involved at the biggest DZ in the UK - Just come down and fly!

See you soon. 


Weekend 27-28th February 2016

Date posted: 
02 Mar

What a buzz!

The DZ is already running on all cylinders - smooth, slick and super busy. A suprisingly comfortable temperature for February and a Finist to boot. 

This weekend's highlights:

Stubert's supergroup funnelling an 8-way launch. 

Tracking the cat!



Freefly madness.