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We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...
Ever wondered how the dropzone is kept safe, how we run things. Check our tower video out! The...
A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


Normal weekend news. News items placed here will only be displayed in the experienced news section.

Weekend 22-23rd November 2014

Date posted: 
24 Nov

This weekend, the last of the York University students visited the centre to train for their first jumps. 

With a new set of CSBIs just passed by the centre, it was an opportunity for them to practice teaching real students. 

First the students were taught how to clean bedding.


Next they tried to see how long they could keep their hands off the ground. 


Weekend 15-16th November

Date posted: 
17 Nov

This weekend a break for the freeflyers, and only Stubert's group to hit the skies. 

A slender group of only 10 people this weekend but it's not how big it is, it's what you do with it. 

The force was strong in the group this weekend, with some of the best skydives of the autumn taking place over Hibaldstow. 



Vote in the 2014 Christmas Awards

Date posted: 
12 Nov

Every year, the Dropzone hosts it's illustrious Christmas Party, and each year, the wholce centre votes on who should win the prestigious accolades, such as Boozehound of the year, Faceplanter, or more importantly, Skydiver Of the Year 2014. 

If you would like to vote in this year's awards please use the link below but remember - choose wisely!

The 2014 Voting List


Weekend 1-2nd November

Date posted: 
04 Nov

The return of FS1+ this weekend and still high winds, but the blight will not win us all!

Three groups this weekend, ran by Stuberta, Drive Blathies, Richard Crouton and Ant-Hill. With a simple objective to teach jumpers with less than 100 jumps how to dock on a base safely and efficiently. 


The weekend's event ran swimmingly, even though the winds were high, the canopy flight was excellent  and continued throughout the weekend. 


Hibbleween 2014

Date posted: 
27 Oct

And so the goriest of all nights came to pass... A party to end all parties... but we're getting ahead of ourselve here. 

Saturday began windy. It was windy through the day. It stayed windy till the evening. Come on Jonny Huricane - we're getting real bored now!

Luckily the weather remained within limits for experienced jumpers most of the day meaning Dave Lewis, Dave West, and to some extend Stubert's 12-way teams could battle it out for 12-way supremecy. 


Weekend 11-12th October 2014

Date posted: 
12 Oct

Student season!

This weekend the DZ was descended upon for the first time with this year's intake of University Students from Lincoln and York. For the first time ever Lincoln University dominated the scene with nine students hungry for freefall.




Weekend 4-5th October

Date posted: 
06 Oct

The post nationals glow is with us and as usual the community goes ape for some good old fashioned fun jumping. 

Blessed with the Finist and Caravan this weekend the DZ was delighted to find plenty of jumpers here regardless of the forecast - which was... average....

Limitations on the aircraft meant that Stubert's Inters was cancelled but many turned out anyway to see what the deal was with the Mojitos and maybe even do some jumping. 


The British Open National Championships 2014 - 8-Way, Artistics and Speed

Date posted: 
16 Sep

The second of our two major championships this weekend. 

The weekend opened like groundhog day - a repeat of the 4-way weekend where jumpers were greeted with fog and low clouds. Opportunuty did present itself however, with  a chance to complete two rounds Saturday. But then, the waiting game... the long wait... with no flying Sunday, and most of Monday.

The weather abated early afternoon, allowing the competition to finish just in time for the close of play. 


Weekend 23-25th August 2014

Date posted: 
26 Aug

Another storm forecast, another full weekend of fine skydiving!

Dave West lead the weekend's FS with a huge volume of people turning up to do three aircaft formation loads. A rare opportunity in the UK these days, multi-plane slots get taken up fast. 



Hibaldstow Open Day 2014

Date posted: 
18 Aug

On Sunday 17th August we opened our doors and welcomed hundreds of local residents in to our brand new clubhouse.

Through donations and raffle ticket sales we raised £876.06 and Skydive Hibaldstow is donating an additional £200 enabling us to send over £500 to each charity.