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A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


Normal weekend news. News items placed here will only be displayed in the experienced news section.

Weekend 26-27th July 2014

Date posted: 
28 Jul

Summer is officially here. You can tell because Andy Pointer looks like a Lobster. 

Lots going on this weekend, not even including the eleven teams we had training this weekend. 


First up, Speed skydiving with Mike Lovemore, which draws a small, niche crowd every year, but each year someone finds the buzz for speed. With speeds reaching 240km/h there may be some new competitors this year at the nationals. 


Weekend 19-20th July 2014

Date posted: 
21 Jul

Team season is here and with it a huge increase in teams training at Hib for the Nationals. This weekend, the guys from Kesshin, Azure, Antimatter, Raykipo, Thunderbirds 8-way and  QFX VFS hit the dropzone to train. The weather was not kind for part of the day, but when the thunder storms abated the teams could jump throughout the evening. 



Diamonds and Jewels With Guy Wright

Date posted: 
21 Jun

It's rare in the UK that a dropzone hosts an event that picks up only the finest jumpers the UK has to offer, even rarer for that event to be non-competitive and just for fun. 

Guy Wrights Diamonds and Jewels was just that event. With the man with the neon yellow jumpsuit in lead, back by both Gordon Hodgkinson and Dave Lewis, the event was always going to be a winner. 

The event was pitched as a complex build weekend, with the theme of diamonds, big and small, and classic jewel builds. 


BCPA Nationals 2014

Date posted: 
07 Jul

A huge week for Hibaldstow as over 100 BCPA students descend on, and over, the dropzone!

Starting Monday with the arrival of the the keenest jumpers, the DZ became awash with student skydivers from all over the country checking out our new clubhouse. BCPA-arrives

With some stunning weather jumpers took to the skies jumping fun FS jumps or heading out with the freefly coaches for tracking and head up goodness. A leasurely coaching program ran alongside.


Weekend 14-15th June 2014

Date posted: 
16 Jun

A more lesiurely pace this weekend after the fanatic momentum of the last few weeks dropped off. Jay Southall organised his first weekend of freefly and very well received it was, with jumpers taking advantage of Jay's weath of knowledge. 

The Foundry gang pushed on, coaching FS students and organising small groups. Plenty of new faces this weekend - the more the merrier. Great work from Pete Richardson, Zoe Allen, Pete Andrews for cracking out the FS coached jumps. 


Weekend 7th-8th June 2014

Date posted: 
10 Jun

Raise your hands if you think John Kettley is a liar?

More poor weather forecasted and more deceit!

The POPS group arrived raring to go, and after several hours of cloudy conditions the DZ fired up and the skydiving began. Starting with single aircraft loads and moving on to formation loads at the end of the day. With the first formation load completion at the end of the day, there were a lot of happy happy faces. 


Weekend 31-1st June 2014

Date posted: 
02 Jun

A huge weekend for the dropzone with teams from all over the country coming to Hibaldstow to jump our fleet of Dorniers. 

This weekend, Microclim8 8-way team, Kaizen, Antimatter, XX, Pinapple Jesus, Kintama, Satori Red and Skydogs all hit the skies to train for the nationals. Though the weather was not kind Saturday teams still made the most of the day when the weather did clear around 4pm with some teams still doing 10 jumps. Best of luck to all our teams in coming competitions.


Weekend 24-26th May 2014

Date posted: 
26 May

The DZ was open as usual but this weekend visitors were in for a very special suprise - The DZ opened the doors of it's brand new clubhouse to the public for the first time Friday morning and my word what a clubhouse it is!

Saturday began with a huge influx of people arriving for the 28-way warm-ups and the first of a series of POPS warm ups.  Quietly to the side, Stubert and Adam Dare organisied walk up FS and FF. 



Weekend 3-5th May 2014

Date posted: 
05 May

Another Bank Holiday - they are really spoiling us!

With a great forecast the DZ was ablaze with jumpers from 8am Friday till 8pm Monday and it was quite a sight to be hold. 

The coaching gang went hard, making over 40 coached jumps over the weekend - a huge thanks to the guys that made it happend and results of their work showed in two FS1s this weekend for Leon Cross and Kieren Tuffen.



Weekend 19-20th April 2014

Date posted: 
21 Apr

Happy Easter weekend! Easter is classically a chilled out weekend, but this year... nothing but jumping.


Liz Boniface's freeflyers were tearing the sky up with some head up and head down action, while the belly groups focused hard on the coaching with a few cheeky organisied jumps to keep people worked up.